Horizon Solutions

The system

Over the years, we have developed “the Horizon System” which is essentially made up of the end-to-end employee life cycle.

The System covers everything from strategic planning and setting the direction of the organisation to considering what people you need to get you there – then how to find them, engage them, manage them, and pay and incentivise them – to ensure the continued success of your people and your business.

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It is a carefully documented and integrated system of key HR processes and training resources and has been tested and proven in client sites in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
Implementation of our proven integrated employee management system – and training managers in its use – has resulted in managers having the right framework and tools to get the best out of their people and deliver results. Please see our Workshops for more information on this.



The Horizon System is made up of a series of templates and checklists as well as the training workshops required to empower managers to use these essential HR practices and processes.

Horizon Management Group have a key focus on working with managers to implement these basic building blocks. We believe it is essential to understand why they’re important, why they often fail, and ensure managers see the benefits of doing them well, so they can deliver the results and reap the rewards.

What would it mean to you, if every personknew what their role was, and did it? What difference would that make to your business?


At Horizon we also provide day-to-day HR support for our clients; helping them solve problems, navigate Australia’s complex employment law system, as well as enabling them to confidently, commercially, and fairly manage any issues arising with employees.

Some of this may include:

  • Coaching managers on improving performance issues with staff

  • Disciplinary matters regarding workplace conduct and performance

  • Coaching employees and managers for their own success and development

  • Carrying out HR practices reviews (sometimes referred to as HR audits or health checks) to understand the current situation for the management of people within a business

  • Engagement surveys

  • Enterprise Agreement or Award interpretation

  • Salary benchmarking and guidance on salary systems

  • Recruitment

  • Contract interpretation and application

  • Managing workplace complaints and investigations

  • HR planning and strategy

  • Onboarding programs

  • Change management



How we work

Horizon can agree a range of engagement options with our clients to provide the flexibility and certainty they require.

We've found the arrangements which work best for our clients are typically one of the following:

  • Horizon is engaged for project or initiative based work and the client is provided with a quote accordingly. This includes our Horizon workshops.

  • Horizon is retained to provide HR expertise for a fixed monthly fee providing a certain number of consulting hours.

  • Horizon is engaged for consulting services as required on an hourly basis for specific issues, support or guidance.

Many of Horizon's clients are small to medium sized businesses who typically don't have their own HR department and do not require full time HR support. They do however require the assistance and expertise of an HR professional and the basic building blocks and processes to help their managers manage their people well. Other clients are larger clients which need extra support or workshop implementation.

Our Horizon consultants can deliver the work at client premises, or off-site. If any of the above options do not suit your needs entirely we would be happy to discuss further with you so please do not hesitate to contact us.