The Horizon Way

Horizon Management Group is a specialist human resource management consulting firm that assists organisations in getting the best from their people. We do this by implementing our proven integrated employee management system and training managers in its use. Additionally, we regularly work with our clients with day-to-day HR support in relation to challenges including underperformance, disciplinary issues, workplace investigations, employment contracts etc.

This system covers processes from planning, recruitment, development, performance management, salaries and succession planning. We also have a wide range of management development modules. Our systems and processes can be scaled and fully customised to suit the needs of our clients with minimal development costs.


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Horizon’s approach has been to take well-tested principles, tools and techniques and build them into practical and effective systems and processes that can be implemented across a wide range of businesses after appropriate tailoring to the client’s needs.

We do not provide an “off the shelf” solution to client’s needs but we have many core modules and products that are easily modified to provide excellent results. Our clients don’t have to pay for “reinventing the wheel” and we can move on to implement further beneficial programs. By using this approach Horizon provides proven, professional solutions to clients, which represent excellent value.

Our services are unique with regard to the integrated model that a client can utilise and have implemented in stages, as and when required; or, from end-to-end by a trusted consultant who continuously partners with the business. Throughout any form of engagement with a client, they receive professional, commercial HR support as the consultant works to enhance the clients’ results through the continuous improvement of their employees’ performance and satisfaction.

Areas our system covers include:

Our Management Development Program covers the programs we provide under the Development Actions module. This includes:

  • Role of the Manager
  • Teams
  • Time Management
  • Communications
  • Meetings
  • Job Instruction
  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • Problem Solving
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Legal responsibilities/Policies and Procedures
  • Major Projects

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